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Sumerian Death Squad Interview

Perhaps the most serious in the interview he did with Sumerian Death Squad! Read and share!

Tommy End & Micheal Dante

1. How long have you know the wrestling and who is your favorite?

1. We both have been wrestling for about 11 years. Both of us a are lifelong fans of is, ever since we were little kids.

2. How long are you in singles and team?

2. 11 years.

3. Which agencies have you turned on?

3. Mainly wXw, ICWA, CZW and BJW.

4. What was the most difficult game of your career in?

4. Competing in the BJW Tag Team Tournament in Japan last year. A lot of competition, and a lot of great talent to work with.

5. What have you heard about the HCW?

5. That they are a bunch of talented and heartdriven kids that are out there busting their asses trying to make a name for themselves. Perfect atmopshere for us to try out the competition in Hungary

6. What was the connection with your team name?

6. We have a big interest in Conspiracy Theories and ancient civilizations. The Sumerian where the first ever modern civilization to walk the earth, they take on how the world is created is 'remarkable'.

7. The WWE will we see you in?

7. who knows!

8. What do you expect from the HCW Breakthrough 2013 event?

8. The best European Tag Team Vs. The best hungarian Wrestlers.

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