2012. október 24., szerda

Tengkwa Interview (ENG)

1. What is the origin of your name?

1. It's just a name really :) Can't tell you how I got it, sorry!

2. How do you feel in the PWH? What would you like to achieve?

2. I feel great in PWH! It's my home and family in the Netherlands. We are getting bigger each month. I hope more kids will watch our PWH TV and come to our shows. Like us on Facebook!

3.Who is your favorite wrestler and who you want to fight?

3. My favorite wrestlers are Dean Malenko, Jushin Liger, Tigermask, Skayde and Sabu. I hope to wrestle Sabu one day.

4. Who is the greatest enemy of the in PWH?

4. I have a lot of enemies in PWH. They all try to get rid of me or they try to unmask me. I have beef with all of them, they al ready tried everything they could. They stole my title when I was the PWH champ, they suspended me, they even tried to injure me, but I won't give up. I fight for justice and sportsmanship within PWH.

5. How do you feel the Hungarian public?

5. I love them! Every time I come
Out for HCW I feel like a true star, the fans are so into it! It's just great to wrestle for the Hungarian fans! I think I can say they are the best fans in Eastern Europe :)

6. Have you ever think you get into the WWE?

6. No not really. I would like to see PWH and HCW grow and be a part of that.

7. What and who inspired you to enter the world of wrestling?

7. Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Tigermask, Jushin Liger and The Roadwarriors. They are my heroes since I was 6 years old.

8. Dover fought against a Hardcore match in Hungary. Did you expect to win?

8. Honestly I did not know what to expect. The first time I came over I checked out Dover on YouTube. I thought he was pretty big and I could see he was doing some crazy stuff. When I saw him in real life, he wasn't that terrifying so I went into the match with confidence. Only when I saw him bringing a board of forks to the ring I got a bit worried because I did not plan to come all the way to lovely Budapest and end up with my ass in a bunch of forks. I think the fight was very tough and I remember I was hurt all over after the match, all though I think Dover was hurt a lot more when I dumbed him on his "fork bed project". Dover got back to me at PWH with some help of Daniel Montanus, a guy who has beef with me for 2 years now, so I'm not done with Dover yet!

9.Currently Nitro opponent what you expect?

9. Not worried about Nitro at all! He got lucky last show with 2 people on his side. I don't know Wellington but he looks like a moron so he can't be good and Jesse needs to stay back this time! Or else we will put her through a table :) Kid Lux and I are ready to come over and give these 2 wannabes a match they will never forget.

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