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Yan Colby Interview

Yan Colby with his sunglasses:D

1. How long have you wrestler? Why did you become wrestler?

I was a ref from 2004 to 2007. I started wrestling in 2007 until 2010 when I took time off because of a shoulder injury. During this hiatus that lasted until earlier this year I did TV commentary, live play by play and referee. 
Why did I become a pro wrestler ? I guess no ones really knows…I started watching WWE on TV in 1992 and it was no different for me than the others. I felt « This is what I wanna do ». Not much of a deep look into my motivations, but I can’t really point out what made me want to do this. It’s wrestling. Ennyi. 

2. Who is your favorite wrestler at any time?

Of all time I don’t really know. But the faces that made an impact on my love for this business were : Steve Austin, Mick Foley & Steve Corino. I could name a dozen of others but they are not THE ONES that I loved and cherrished deeply while growing up. 

3. Why did you decide to confirm to the Hungarian Pro Wrestling?

Hmm well…I live here now and I met the guys a few weeks after I got to Budapest. Lot of motivation and we bonded very quickly. I thought to myself : « This could be a fresh start, reinvente myself and take over Hungary as the top star in the country » So far so good, isn’t it ? 

4. Who do you want to fight in the HCW?

Quite simple. I want to fight everyone and I will beat everyone standing in front of me until I get my World Title shot and win that belt. 

5. Szeged that made you feel? What was the mood there?

The place was great. 1300 fans is a huge freakin crowd for Hungary. The show was good and everyone got a little taste of Yan Colby. The mood was a bit tense because was aiming for success and it was a great success. I hope some day Szeged can get a bigger taste of Yan Colby. 

6. To love to fight for the championship belt?

I think I already answered that question. If you’re in the business for something else than being the absolute best you can go home right now. People say I’m peckés, but do you really think I care ? I want to be the number one guy, and I will be, period. If I’m not the best I consider myself the worst, so I have to be the best. HAVE TO !

7. Who is your biggest rival in the HCW?

Don’t you follow HCW closely enough to know what’s going on ? Kis Nitro messed with me and he saw what it meant. I have no rivals. This is just business. I am here to kick asses until I get where I want. I’m not here to make friends. I have a close relationship with some of the guys because we share things but like I said, when that bell rings and it’s time to get down to business, ain’t no friends in that ring. Not for me at least…As far as my next opponent…még nem tudom. 

8. How outrageous when you were thrown out the Revolution PPV?

They just pushed the wrong buttons on the wrong guy on the wrong day, and saw what happened thereafter. Now all of a sudden they’re all nice with me. I am all about being nice with people as long as they don’t cross lines they’re not supposed to. 

9 What is the reputation you expect?

I will go out there, give my all everytime and earn the fans respect. When I got here everybody booed me and the more they saw me, the more were cheering. You do the maths.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Steve Corino
Mick  Foley

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